Stop the Plop!

Submitted by: Jane Birr

Sister Carol's Success Story

Sister Carol is an inspiration. She went from being overweight with the threat of needing cholesterol-lowering medication, to reaching her goal of being a healthy and fit instrument of God. Her doctors and nurses are proud of her and she is a motivation and inspiration to others.

She decided for great health. So can you!

Q. Sister, what is your best physical habit?
Walking at least 30 minutes per day is my very best habit. I love to walk especially in the early morning when the birds are singing or the stars are out.

Q. What is your best eating habit?
Right now my best eating habit is stopping after one helping. I also allow myself one chocolate per day.

Q. What is your best all around habit?
My all around best habit is a positive and determined attitude. I have made it a habit to look at life through eyes of trust in God
and this makes everything have a purpose, a positive meaning for me.

Q. What is your best strategy in the face of obstacles?
My best strategy in facing obstacles is to talk. I talk to God, talk to myself and talk to friends, which puts situations
in perspective for me.

Q. What physical accomplishment you are most proud of?
The physical accomplishment I am most proud of is being able to do eight stretches and strengthening exercises on a regular basis. The results of flexibility and strong muscles is very rewarding in my daily activities. I notice this especially at mass when I sit down. Before, I would get down just so far and then “plop” to let gravity take me the rest of the way. It was a hard landing because my legs and back did not have the strength to get me all the way down. Now I have stronger legs and back muscles so the distance of the “plop” lessened until it became virtually non-existent. A lot of people “plop.” I’ve been noticing this since my “plop” has gotten under control. It was really time to stop the “plop” and strengthen those muscles. How’s that for a healthy slogan?

Way to stop the Plop, Sister!


Sister Carol After