Still Getting Leaner

Submitted by: Jeff Ward

Steve's Success Story

Steve is a 47 year old former NCAA Div I interior lineman, now a successful businessman!

Steve was referred to me by a current client at 6'4" and 291lbs. His blood pressure was fluctuating, and his waistline had grown to 45 inches! In only 2 months, Steve has lost over 20 lbs of fat, while gaining lost muscle mass, with a 50% increase in strength across the board. He's dropped 4" off his waist, and he's well on his way to 250-260lbs within the next few months.

He works a VERY busy schedule, traveling at least twice per month across the country and entertaining clients at tempting restaurants, with tempting BEER! Despite these challenges, Steve is dropping inches and fat as quickly as he use to level the opposition on the field!

His blood pressure is rock steady, and healthy. His energy level has increased, and he feels years younger in a mere two months.

Work in progress... 250 with a 36" waist, here we come!