Stephanie: I found the BEST Personal Trainer

Submitted by: Andrew Fodge

's Success Story

After moving to Scottsdale, I wanted to find a personal trainer that met all of my requirements. Prior to hiring Andrew, I had trained with top-notch athletes and professional bodybuilders. My standards were high and I needed someone who knew their “stuff”.

After meeting with several trainers in the area, Andrew clearly stood out among the rest. He has a sound understanding of the body’s physiology, dynamic movement and training around injuries. My workout is always different, so my body doesn’t have a chance to hit a plateau.

I have been training with Andrew for over three years now and truly say he is the best trainer I have ever had. I have less body fat, more definition and am in better shape than most people 10 years younger. If you are looking for the BEST personal trainer in Scottsdale, your search stops here!