Staying Positive = Success!

Gena's Success Story

"I have been obese and sometimes morbidly obese for most of my 54 years. Sometimes during those years I could not walk any distance comfortably. Recently with the help of Northwest Personal Training I decided to reinvent myself as an athlete. I, Gena, will complete the NWPT Triathlon on July 25th! I have already been working on my overeating struggles as part of my transformation and have been successful losing a large amount of my weight. I decided to take my learnings from losing weight and apply them to fitness. To lose a large amount of weight I needed to stay positive, take one day at a time, and have a plan. How could I apply the same process of changing my belief system about food to improving my fitness? Well, I needed help first of all. I signed up for Jenna's "Learn to Run" program at NWPT. In 12 weeks I have had unbelievable success. I went from being able to run a gasping one minute at a time to running an unbelievable 45 minutes without stopping. During the 12 weeks I also lost 33 more pounds! Jenna our trainer and the rest of my awesome running mates (Lynn, Katy, and Bernie) were so supportive and motivating! Half way through the 12 week class they had amazingly convinced me I could do the NWPT Triathlon! Knowing that motivation is in the doing I have been very busy training.
I am energized by the challenges that used to stop me. I not only signed up for the triathlon but will be climbing Mt St. Helens with NWPT in
September! Wonder, possibility, transforming, power, awe..... Gena"


Gena After