Stayed independent until 89 years of age

Submitted by: Marianne King

Je's Success Story

My mother, Jeannette Paulson, was in her early eighties when she first met Marianne. She was recovering from her second hip replacement and was not very motivated to do her exercises. I became her caretaker and didn’t have much luck convincing her that she needed to keep up with her exercises. A friend referred Marianne King’s Fitness for Life to me. When I first approached my mother with the idea of a personal trainer coming into her home to help her recover and help her return to a more active life, she was not at all receptive. I convinced her to just meet Marianne and have a consultation and we’d go from there. They became the best of friends and there was nothing my mother wouldn’t do to try to please Marianne. Marianne has a very special knack when it comes to working with seniors. She knew just how to motivate my mother in a firm but yet gentle way. My mother lived with my husband and me. She had an apartment attached to our house and so I could hear Marianne and her during their sesssions laughing and just having a great time exercising. My mother went on to have two knee replacements and Marianne was there encouraging her all the way. She lived several more years after the last knee replacement and I thank Marianne for helping her to remain healthy and independent. Although she died suddenly at the ripe age of 89, I am convinced she was with us a little longer due to the joy she experienced with Marianne as her trainer.

Joan Nofsinger
Oakdale, PA


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