Stay Home to Stay Fit

Submitted by: Steve Vicera

Sue's Success Story

My name is Sue Trent. I have been working with Steve for approximately eight months. The extent of my “exercise program” prior to working with Steve, was to play tennis twice a week. I wasn’t in terrible shape, but I knew I needed to firm up and lose a few pounds. A friend recommended Steve, so I contacted him and set an appointment.

During my first session with Steve, which was only half an hour, I realized immediately how out of shape I was. The first session I had with Steve was horrible. I had to leave early, and felt sick. But, I stuck with it, and soon worked up to a point where I could actually work out without feeling like I was going to pass out!

I have always had a membership to a gym. But, until I started working with Steve I really didn’t show up consistently enough to receive the benefit I was paying for.

After a while we increased our sessions to an hour. With time I became much stronger and was able to do more. I began to see results in terms of my stamina and strength, and eventually even noticed a reduction in the size of my legs and arms. My clothes began to fit differently, and I went down a clothing size.

I have continued to play tennis. I was surprised by how much the workouts helped to improve my game. Previously, I would become winded pretty easily. This doesn’t happen anymore. I also feel much more strength in my swing. I feel quicker and more agile as well. Steve has definitely helped my game.

Steve knows I don’t love to work out. He mixes it up each visit so I don’t always know what we’ll be doing next. I’m very happy with the results I have seen. I plan to continue to work with Steve and to seeing additional results in the future.