Start & Don't Quit!

Submitted by: Bridget McMillion

Kim's Success Story

Kim comically says that her story began quite by accident when she "liked" a facebook post of mine... & the next thing she knew she was roped & wrangled in to our 'Couch to 5k' beginner jogging program to get ready for the Color Me Rad 5K. The exhausted, diabetic, overweight, working mom of 3 children gave it what she had tho, & trained with us faithfully, even tho in the beginning jogging 30 seconds was a major milestone! She finished her 1st 5K in July 2012 & immediately wanted to do another one! Then, around Christmas time she called to tell me she wanted to do an 8K! She completed this in March of 2013 & has quite a few more races scheduled. Look at the difference a year has made in her life! A year from now will you wish you had started today too?