Stacy Shahri, Amateur Level

Submitted by: EZIA Athletic Club

Stacy's Success Story

Today we have Stacy coming in to test out of the Amateur (Red) Program and into the Professional (Black) Program. She is a 36 years old mom, a phenomenal athlete and has been training in our program for 3 years. We set a goal for all of our clients to do 30 workouts in 90 days. Stacy exceeds that goal every season!
Stacy says, “I had been doing my own fitness routine on and off with a group of women and just lost my motivation. I needed a bit more, so I started with EZIA for an extra kick! After 3 years, I’m STILL being challenged by the workouts and program, each and every work out. The minute you step through the door, the energy is contagious. It’s alive and you feed off of that with every workout. The coaches really know what they are doing and they take care of you in every aspect. Outside of here, I have 2 children who run me ragged. If I were not training with EZIA“ I couldn’t keep up! The EZIA lifestyle is fun, it feeds you, it gives you energy and it’s something you really want to share with your friends and family.” To see a video of her testimonial, copy and paste the following link.


Stacy Before


Stacy After