Stacey's Success Story

Submitted by: Sue Singer

Stacey's Success Story

I should start by saying I had tried to lose weight and get healthy on many occasions throughout my life. I am like most people and sign up at a gym in the beginning of the year and vow to get healthy no matter what! I tried all of the latest diets and searched for the “quick fix”. I am proud to say that I have found something that does work“.working out with a trainer! I began working out with Sue Singer in January 2010 and committed to one full year of training. I want to share the positive experience I have had with Sue and SNAP fitness.

In the beginning I was overweight, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was taking medication to help these conditions. Sue asked me what my fitness goals were. So I thought about this for a couple of days. Obviously, I wanted to lose weight and feel better about my appearance, but the true goal was to be healthy! I was deeply concerned about my overall health. The very 1st thing Sue did with me was an overall fitness analysis. I think that until I had to face the actual numbers, I was oblivious to the reality of my condition! The initial consultation was my wake up call. I knew that I needed to commit to this journey.

There are many reasons why working out with a trainer helped me to meet and exceed my fitness goals. The first is accountability. Sue held me accountable for what I did when I wasn’t with her. My diet, my work-outs and habits were all monitored. I knew that on Tuesday evening I would weigh in and hand over my journal. This is HUGE! I now have someone other than myself holding me accountable. Accountability is so important in the beginning when you are trying to form healthy habits. The appointment alone was enough to keep me motivated. The journal helped Sue to point out things I was eating or not eating that were sabotaging my diet. It was easy to spot trends and make corrections. Next, that extra push is so important! I see so many people at the gym that do what I had always done! I would work-out on a few machines and hit the cardio machines. I never really understood how important that extra “push” was! If I got tired, I left or stopped! Sue helped me to see my true potential. Those extra 3-5 reps really helped. The change in routine really helps! The circuit training, free weights, intensity and modifying really helps! Lastly, a trainer helps you with proper form! This is probably the most important factor. I wanted to maximize the time I spent in the gym. If I am there to burn calories and build muscle, than I want to be sure I am making the most out of my time. Sue taught me how to exercise correctly. She taught me how to make exercises more challenging and easier if I needed them to be. I had no idea how many ways you can do a push-up or a plank!! Sue and SNAP helped me regain confidence and my quality of life.

A trainer has the experience and knowledge to elevate you to the next level, whatever that level may be! It’s worth the investment and the time. As a result of my experience with a trainer, I have decided to complete my personal training certification so I can help others the way that Sue has helped me!


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