Sports oriented family

Submitted by: Crystal Reeves

Alexis's Success Story

Crystal has been a superior athletic trainer for me and my family. We are a sports oriented family who appreciate the importance of physical fitness. With Crystal’s understanding of an individual’s requirements, she has assisted all of us in forward progress towards our goals.

Personally, Crystal has helped my strength and worked to decrease my body fat within my set goals. She also has motivated me to continue my workouts and has stressed the importance of diet and goal setting. With each step towards my ultimate goal, she continues to instruct and provide exercises to help accomplish these tasks.

Each of my daughters have also benefited from Crystal’s motivation. They have learned to respect the importance of working out, stretching, diet and goal-setting because Crystal has provided the base knowledge in an understanding presentation.

We look forward to a long relationship with Crystal with the benefit of a healthier body, mind and spirit, as well as a friend.

Thank-you Crystal for being such an integral part of our learning and improving of each of our selves