Speed Agility Quickness bootcamp - 2013 - for Somers, CT boys Lax team

Submitted by: Erika DeJesus

Somers Boys LAX team's Success Story

My name is Jon Paley and I’m the head coach of the Somers, Ct. boys 7th and 8th grade Sr. ‘A’ lacrosse team. As a staunch supporter of dynamic warmups, agility training, and general strength and conditioning, in January of ’13 we asked Erika to come in and work with the team. Every Sunday morning for approximately 2 hours, Erika trained and conditioned the team with warmups, agility and a general variety of conditioning training and drills.

My philosophy has always been to have the best conditioned team on the field in the last quarter of the game – where it counts the most. As the season progressed you could clearly see the positive affect Erika’s training had on the team. Additionally, we used Erika to provide and lead the dynamic warmup routines used before every practice and game. Because of of Erika’s commitment and dedication to improving the overall conditioning of the team, we had one of the most successful seasons of any Somers Sr. A teams in recent memory.

Needless to say, we will be using her again next year.

~Jon Paley, Head Coach, 7th & 8th grade Sr. A Somers, CT lacrosse team~


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