Spa Owner/Master Massage Therapist Transformed

Submitted by: Blake Tarvin

Sanja's Success Story

Sanja has been working with me for 8 months now. She has struggled with weight issues most of her life. When she started with me, she had little confidence in herself as far as fitness was concerned. She enjoyed taking yoga classes, but was unable to do many of the poses because her midsection would "intrude." However, I made a promise her that I would get her far beyond what she thought she could be as long as she promised to give me her best. Ever since she has been training with me, her fitness level had greatly increased, her confidence level is now sky high, and now believes she can do whatever she wants. Though she always had the power within her do this, a little push and guidance brought it out of her. She will soon be turning 40 and will be in the best shape she had been in since her early 20's.


Sanja Before


Sanja After