Sonia's Story

Submitted by: Alana Thomas

Sonia's Success Story

Sonia's Story


My name is Sonia, I’m 39 years old, a mother of one little girl and here is my story.

I have been a yoyo dieter for many years, but have had a massive weight gain from 2004-2011, due to avoiding many issues that were of concern to me in my life and resorting to food as my comfort blanket. One day, about two years ago, I decided that the weight gain had to stop (I had reached 124.9 kgs) and that drastic changes needed to occur to get my health back to be able to look after my toddler baby girl and live my life with a positive attitude, rather than being overcome by that victim feeling due to many unhappy turns in my life and feeling uncomfortable and often ill-at-ease in my size 22-24 body.

So first I lost about 10 kgs on my own, just dieting, but I knew this wasn’t going to work for the long-term, I needed extra motivation and to improve my physical and mental health as well. I found the assistance of a very gifted massage therapist to work on my back and my shoulders which were always very tense, then went to see a great naturopath who was also a very wise councillor to evaluate my health and find out what my body was lacking. It is there that I learned to start thinking about my life, my goals, how to take responsibility for my actions and how I allowed myself to feel and to learn to respond rather than to react to life’s little upheavals and to improve my nutrition and to look after my health in a more natural way. Concurrently I also decided it was time to enrol at a large, modern gym, which not only had lots of equipment, but also had a large pool, lots of trainers, childcare and a friendly reception team.
The person who signed me up said something quite clever. He said so many people who have a lot of weight to loose don’t come to us, perhaps they have given up“but how can we help them if they don’t come to us??? This comment resonated in me and I was sure I was doing the right thing for myself. Additionally to signing up, as I had near to half my body weight to loose, I was looking for the right kind of trainer: supportive, excellent at techniques (so as to avoid injuries, which when one puts on weight are easy to get with sensitive knees and sore backs with most exercise I did on my own) and with the ability to design a program that would allow me to reach my goals. So I talked to the gym manager to find out which trainer he would recommend, a little apprehensive of ending up with a trainer just pushing me to the max, yelling at me to do lots of exercises and getting army-drilled at each session!...He recommended two trainers, but when pushed about which was the best one for my journey, he recommended Alana. I read her profile and was happy to see that her qualifications in fitness were of a very high level, the equal highest at the gym with another trainer. One of her specialties was to work with people on weight loss, so I thought, this is looking good!...

The first day, I was surprised how professional and knowledgeable that young, elegant and fashionable trainer was“being French, I really thought highly of her Louis Vuitton bangle and general sense of style as well!
She assessed my body thoroughly for several sessions, taking notes of every detail on her tablet and recommended exercises that started to strengthen the weaker parts of my body. There were many imbalances where one side would be stronger than the other, which could lead to injuries, so Alana took care of those and the progress was astonishing. Her kindness and positive attitude made each session enjoyable. She encouraged me throughout the year and a half that she trained me, recommended routines at home, wrote me a holiday program when I went to Europe (even sent me follow-up emails when I was overseas“that is how truly concerned she is about her clients) and varied the routine as I got stronger. It was surprising to see how much strengthening could be done from exercises on a mat and with a few weights at first, which was actually quite a revelation as I would have thought I would be on a treadmill, on a bike and doing some other exercises, yet Alana’s routines were much more cleverly developed to improve strength, mobility and balance, whilst helping me achieve my weight goals. She also recommended a fantastic myotherapist who is helping with deep muscle issues once a week. It was also impressive to see her perfect her own knowledge by learning more about nutrition and to share lots of her knowledge through her own website with descriptions of techniques for example.

During the time she trained me I lost close to a further 20 kgs (and probably would have lost more, had I not succumbed to the beautiful French food whilst in France for two months! However, as soon as I was back I started the exercise routines again and I got back on track thanks to her encouragements and great workouts). I kept training twice a week with her and am now training one extra session on my own as well as swim 2-3 times a week for a weekly total of 90-120 min. As Alana moved away from Australia to New York, I had to find a new trainer and I felt that I not only lost a great trainer in Alana but a wonderful friend as well. I will not forget her hard work, devotion, encouragement, useful exercise and breathing techniques. Even my current trainer remarks on the fact that I got trained very well as my techniques are always excellent. I am now a size 16, have lost 31 kgs in total and am maintaining my exercise routine so that I can reach my ultimate goal to get back into my 60s weight wise and back to a size 12 in clothes. I feel much more empowered to change my life for the better and to steer it in the right direction.

Thank you, Alana, for making such a difference to my life!



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