Submitted by: Jabez Gibson

Courtney's Success Story

KUDOS go out to you Mrs. Courtney. I have watched you evolve into a real threat to the idea, after a certain age as we enter new stages in life we should "retire."

Not just from professions and trades, but also from "vigorous, demanding challenges, of a physical nature (self-presented). To play it "safe" just because...

To any who reads this, maybe you are or were an athletic person most of your life and challenging yourself "safely and sufficiently" in physical activity comes easily (whatever to that, not her story, no disrespect intended ;D )...
when is the last time you saw a mature woman, bout 120 something pounds, maybe 5' 7" tall flipp'n a 100 lb. tractor tire in good form? Challenge "MEN" younger than herself to push-up contest, with witness'?

You MAY never really appreciate what I'm telling you unless you embrace intensity as your trial by fire. I am a demanding coach eager to show people what they are capable of once we have built mutual trust. "She invites the challenge... she has requested a climbing rope in the studio :D"

That's BOSS (good) people if I really need to say so... don't think so, go try a vertical climb, on a rock wall even, then picture YOUR mom trying to scale a 12 ft wall...

Still don't get it?... this is about a "show and prove mentality, not pride but confident. Not self limiting but expansive, willing to create her own experience each time she shows her face knowing she will be pushed and asked to give more...

This is "not" the easy way to performance enhancement, training over here your heart has to be in it or you will fold to your own nature fast.

Posting pic's of her training does no justice as we all know people can/do “pose” for pics, full length video will not rob you of the natural instinct to root and cheer one in an act of personal challenge.

Video tells her story, watching her adjust on the fly, utilize sound breathing techniques for energy supply, become pliable or rigid on command...

Just about a weekly basis I get word of another complement she's received whether she took it as such or not (I gotta decipher some of the info sometimes y’all,... c'mon, you know you how you ladies can be sometimes ;D ).

None the less, I like that it never has to come from ME! A point I stress to all I work with, I don't like being placed in positions where client's request feedback "informally," ex: Just bought this new outfit how do I look? :( I’m a straight shooter so know not to ask me questions you really want a "puffy" answer to.

Think about it, work hard and push self physically, be more conscious of nutritional intake, supplement other activities to round out her professional life.

What does she get for it, oh nothing but an improved overall body composition, not "weight loss," enhanced physical and mental performance, STRONG CONFIDENCE IN SELF, oh yeah, and just weekly compliments on her consistently improving physical appearance (you looked good in that "INNERGY Fitness Systems" shirt girl, WHOMP-WHOMP... just kid'n uncle Steve ;D ).

Seriously Mrs. Courtney, DON'T STOP!! Thank you for hanging' in wit me when things are not 100%, for trusting me with your safety and sticking with the guidance I have tried to provide you, for accepting me for who and what I am.

You are flowering and almost in full bloom, and when you are, continue to be a living example of a positive paradigm shift. May your confidence continue to fuel courage and transmute the desire for optimal physical performance into a usable energy sources for your consumption as you burn, bang, lift, slam and forge your path to improved mental health and physical fitness...

BADAZZ© – (bad*ass): willingly embraces all challengers and challenges; Willingly places self @ some risk for improvement or gain; relentless in confrontation with personal limitation until objective is achieved. *use extreme caution in offering personal challenges! YOU BETTA BE BUILT 4 IT!!


Courtney Before


Courtney After