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Submitted by: Patty Radice

Joel's Success Story

• So as I am personal training my client yesterday, we do a “weigh in” (I like to do it every month ½. He’s dropped 19lbs and his pant size has gone down to a 38. He says, I lost my lower stomach! I have not seen my feet in years. He’s all sweaty, breathing heavy and I say that’s it’s ok. He continues““..I am sleeping the best I’ve slept in years and I don’t hurt all the time when I work out now. My golf game has improved as well. I am getting this big smile on my face. I swear, I so love what I do, I see it all the time, I hear it all the time. I have been responsible for helping this individual by motivating, facilitating and educating on the benefits of exercise. He’s dropped 19 lbs in 20 weeks. That’s the perfect amount of weight he should be loosing approximately 1 ½ lbs a week to keep it off. His doctor is so happy, his heart is healthy, his sugar is back to normal and he’s decreased his chances for diseases or illness considerably by the weight loss. I love my job, Happy New Year’s EVEYONE, lets make 2012 a Healthy, FIT years!