Snap Fitness Biggest Winner Contest 2013 - 6th Place

Submitted by: Sue Singer

Alicia's Success Story

When I started with Sue I was 158 pounds and not happy with my body at all. I am a petite person so the extra weight didn't look flattering. I got engaged in August and wanted to get in shape for myself and for my wedding. Sue got my fiancé and I to participate in our gyms "biggest winner" contest. I have so far lost 15 pounds. I am still far from my goal but never would have made it this far without Sue's help. She has taught me how to eat clean, and that you can never out work a bad diet. She has taught me that with hard work comes the results that I want. She doesn't take my excuses and challenges me to be better. I feel so much more confident and I feel beautiful. Thank you Sue for all of your continued help and support, I could have never accomplished all that I have without you.


Alicia Before


Alicia After