Snap Fitness Biggest Winner Contest 2013 - 2nd Place

Submitted by: Sue Singer

Marcia's Success Story

I lost 30 pounds in the 2013 Biggest Winner Contest. I signed up for the contest because I had an injury that I knew if I lost weight would provide relief and benefits in the long run. I have been a member of Snap Fitness for almost two years. During my time at Snap Fitness, I had been training with Sue Singer one day a week but I did not put in 100% effort because I would work out but I did not follow the right diet. I made the financial investment to enter the contest and I wanted it to be worth it so I gave it my all. Due to the injury, I knew that I could not completely count on exercise to lose weight. From day one, I drastically changed my eating habits by eating six small meals a day, ate non-processed foods, foods without or very little sugar and salt and added more lean proteins as Sue had advised me to do all along. I did not eat any junk food or takeout food. I also drank a lot of water throughout the day. I kept a food journal and closely watched my calories. I kept myself very organized by one day a week, I pre-planned my meals, went food shopping, washed and cut up vegetables and fruit, made sure I had my water ready to go, planned an exercise schedule and I even got all my workout clothes ready in advance. I made sure that every day counted, including weekends, parties and holidays. Along with changing my diet, I exercised every day. My exercise routine consisted mostly of walking, core strength exercises on my own along with training with Sue one day a week. Sue modified my workouts. The best part of the competition was when Sue gave individual and group challenges. The challenges really made the contest fun and kept me motivated! I also learned how to create my own workouts and kept a fitness journal throughout the contest tracking my progress. The weekly weigh ins were really important as it kept me on track. I could not have lost the weight if it was not for Snap Fitness of Medford for having the contest and of course without Sue Singer's constant motivation and efforts that helped me. I plan to keep going with losing weight to be healthy to reach my goal. My favorite workouts are TRX, barre, yoga and boot camp. Thank you Snap Fitness of Medford and Sue Singer!


Marcia Before


Marcia After