Snap Fitness Biggest Winner Contest 2010 - 3rd Place

Submitted by: Sue Singer

Bobbie's Success Story

I decided to join SNAP fitness with 2 of my friends, which happened to be the same time the biggest loser challenge started. We gave ourselves a 3 month deadline to lose some weight. One friend’s husband was due back from Afghanistan where he had been for a year. I was just along for the ride and if I lost some weight that would be a bonus. Well, we kept each other motivated through those three months and all three of lost weight. We enjoyed our weekly workouts with Sue our trainer. She knew how to push us and get results. Now there are only 2 of us. The military moved our friend out of state after her husband came back.

My friend and I still meet with Sue each week. Our workout sessions have gotten more challenging. The weights have gotten heavier, the steps higher, and the times longer. I still look forward to each workout. When I first came to the gym, I would walk on the treadmill at a steady slow rate. I have worked my way up to running for short bursts on it. Eventually, I may even be able to run for at least a mile.

Every time I look in the mirror, I would still see the person who walked into the SNAP for the first time. Lately, people have started to compliment me on how I look. While looking at my niece’s facebook page, I stumble on a picture of me and realized that I do look different. I feel different, more confident and happier. I would only shop in certain stores for clothes because I could not find my size in just any store but now even though I still have to get larger sizes I can go to other stores that I would avoid. This keeps me motivated.

My friend and I now have a new goal. We want to ride in the MS City to Shore ride in 2011. We have started riding our bikes and Sue has incorporated certain exercises in our workouts to help achieve our goal.

Joining with friends helped me stay on track and kept me motivated. My trainer held me accountable for how well I stayed on track. Each week during the biggest loser, I turned in a food diary for review as well as getting on the scale each week. Most weeks, I had a lost however there were a few slip-ups but I did not allow this to derail me. Sue encouraged me each week regardless what the scale said.
I still have a lot of losing ahead of me but with Sue and SNAP fitness, I plan to achieve my goals.


Bobbie After