Snap Fitness Biggest Winner Contest 2010 - 2nd Place

Submitted by: Sue Singer

Charlie's Success Story

I am writing this to thank you for offering the “Biggest Winner” contest. This was an inspirational push to help me with the thought of losing weight. It was a good idea to offer such an event. This was a lot of hard work and dedication by me, my family and my training partner Donald. My wife Susan would come home from work and say, “What are you up to tonight?” I would look at her and say, “The gym with Donald”. She would say, “Again?”, and then say, “Have a good time and don’t get hurt”. Having someone behind me made me want to work harder. Donald was a good push to get me going and to keep me going through out the challenge.

Having a trainer was another good thing for this competition. I was fortunate to have both Phil and Sue. I experienced two different types of work outs from the two trainers but having a trainer every week was a motivator. Phil worked us hard but Sue knows how to make a hard workout easier. She incorporates different types of equipment into your workout to make it more enjoyable. With Sue you never do the same exercise twice from week to week, but you work the same muscle groups. You never know what the next week brings. Each week has proven to be a challenge with her.

Through this challenge of the Biggest Winner I was able to lose almost 30 lbs during the contest. This past year has been a lot of hard work and sacrifice. At the present time, I have lost almost sixty pound since joining Snap Fitness. Because of Snap Fitness, I continue to work out often and hope to lose an additional forty pounds. Wish me Luck!!!!!!!!


Charlie After