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Submitted by: Sean Buzzard

Dress shopper (anonymous)'s Success Story

Sean's program helped me...
I was 31 and about 20 pounds over weight. I knew I was heavy but everything that I tried, didn't work. I walked and I thought I was watching what I was eating. It wasn't until I had to go shopping for a bridesmaid's dress for my sister's wedding-that I noticed how over weight I was!! I had to buy two dress sizes. The bigger one and the smaller one-- I knew one of them had to fit. Well the BIGGER one was too big and the Small one I couldn't zip up. I KNEW THEN IT WAS TIME TO DO SOMETHING. I also knew that the basic things I was doing --weren't going to cut it! I needed major help!! I came across Sean's website for Up and Running Sports on City --I called and set up an appointment.
When I told Sean what I needed to do and the time frame we had-- he said NO PROBLEM!! The plan was to concentrate on burning FAT and toning.
So I took a big risk-- I returned the BIGGER Dress. It was the Smaller Dress or BUST!!!

I signed up for a 10 session package with Sean. Our first workout session-- I didn't think I was going to make it through the next 9 sessions if they were anything like the first one. I will never forget the first workout we did-- I thought I was either going to throw up or pass out!! I was so embarrassed. But after that first one-- each one we did- I got better. I still don't like the Burpies or the Mountain Climbers!! It has been almost 5months and 18 sessions with Sean-- and I have lost the twenty pounds(and counting)!! I still can't believe it! My whole out look has changed--it isn't about fitting into a dress anymore--it is a life style change that I can do now all on my own!! And I know I can do!!
I can only tell the weight loss by looking at the scale or trying on clothes--but my family and friends can't believe the transformation!! While I was visiting my parents in X, my father would watch me work out and could not believe what I was doing. He knew I looked better but he didn’t realize the commitment it took to lose the 20 pounds. My father said he was really frustrated because he couldn’t bust me about fat jokes anymore.

ps.. I had to take in the smaller dress!! :)