Small Victories- one day at a time..

Submitted by: Anne Campbell

Leigh's Success Story

Hi Anne,

It's Leigh writing and I just wanted to share a small victory with you. Since I left bootcamp last May, I did not keep up my calorie tracking and exercise as well as I should have and that only resulted in a total loss of around 20 lbs since May (which includes what I lost at camp - 7lbs i think). Well, the new year came around and I decided to get serious.....I cut out all obvious sugar from my diet and I bought a bunch of dvds to work out at home with and guess what??? I LOST 11 LBS IN JANUARY and 14.5 INCHES!!! Can you believe that? I'm so excited right now I could burst. I still have a long way to go, but I just wanted to say thank you. I dragged my butt to bootcamp last year (and that was tough for me) and saw small changes at the end of it, but it's almost one year later and although I did not stick to my plan 100% it was never out of my mind completely. Your camp was the butt kick i needed to get going and now I hope to stay on this path until the rest of these 85 lbs are gone! I'm also considering coming back in april/may for another camp (depending on my schedule). I'm attaching a pic my friend put together for me, but I don't have my updated during pic since I just weighed in this morning. Oh, and by the way, I'm down a total of 31 lbs........!!!!!!!! Yay!!! Yippeeee!!! Wahoooooooo!!!! Thanx for everything Anne!!!! Have a nice day!!!


Leigh Before