Small Steps to Normalcy

Submitted by: Taylor-Kevin Isaacs

Troy Brown's Success Story

In many ways, July 20,2008 changed things for Troy Brown. Amongst other things,Troy has never known life without sports. He has always been a high energy competitive athlete leading a health conscious lifestyle. He literally grew up playing soccer and basketball! Through his high school and collegiate years he excelled as a leader on and off the court and played varsity basketball at Crossroads High School and Morehouse College.

Troy graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He chose to attend Morehouse for it's rich history and fine academic credentials. Troy along with many others like Martin Luther King joined a tradition of excellence in mind, body and spirit. After he received a degree in Business Marketing, he returned to Los Angeles to begin law school. One of his goals has always been to combine sports and a legal discipline so he became an intern with a sports agent by day and he attended law school at night.

On July 20th, 2008 after leaving an event with friends as Troy stood on a street corner he was struck by a vehicle driven by a drunk driver. Troy arrived at the hospital unconscious and remained hospitalized for two months. He suffered massive injuries from the accident which included a C5 - C6 spinal cord injury. At the time oh his discharge he was told to order an electric wheelchair. His loved ones were told to hope for the best and expect the worse.

In reflection, he believes that his athletic training, health conscious lifestyle and determination have a direct bearing on his recovery. With his doctor's approval, Troy actually never used that electric wheelchair. Today, his family, faith and work with Taylor-Kevin Isaacs are vital to his tremendous improvement. Troy remains committed to his recovery and he is now an advocate to others who have been injured to stay healthy, stay positive and remain active. He has been invited to return to coaching junior varsity basketball at Crossroads High School and he has resumed work with Baron Davis summer basketball camps. His strong work ethic shows as he is in the gym regularly and Taylor works with Troy to educate him so that he is equipped to move forward and the future looks bright. Troy is dedicated to do what is necessary to help anyone that he can and he is excited about the challenges that lie ahead!


Troy Brown Before


Troy Brown After