Slipped On Ice

Submitted by: Robert Kessen

's Success Story

"After a fall on ice and a diagnosis of a sprained back, I did not feel like exercising. My back hurt most of the time and it was making me feel bad all over. I went to physical therapy but the pain in my lower back continued to worsen. After two weeks of suffering, I resumed my core strengthening regime with Bob that I had been doing for the previous 6 months before the fall. He started each session with a massage to get the blood flowing around the injury followed by a few stretches and then simple strengthening exercises. Each workout was "baby steps" due to the discomfort but I continued to feel better after each workout. He gave me exercises to do throughout the week to keep me moving so the muscles would not tighten up. I am now 100% better and feel I might have sustained a more serious injury had I not been doing the core exercises. My back injury improved because of Bob's careful and caring knowledge of how the body works."
Phyllis T. - 61 yrs