Skeptic Turned Enthusiast!

Submitted by: Randy Reyna

Monika's Success Story

I began my personal training journey with Randy Reyna in January 2014. Initially, I did not plan on working with a personal trainer, as I was only looking for a local gym to jump on the treadmill a few times a week. I was offered a free one-on-one session, but was almost forced to even accept it. This goes to show how much I did not want to work with a trainer.

I began my workout with Randy and decided to tell him exactly how I felt from the beginning. I was born and raised in New York, did not like personal trainers, hated them actually, and was skeptical about this whole process. He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Let’s get your measurements and we’ll go from there”. By the time the 50- minutes had passed, I was beginning to see where my weaknesses were, as well as my strengths. I sat down with Randy to discuss possible training options and pricing. Before I knew it, I signed up for 3 months of workouts.

Randy had slowly begun to change my life within the moment we began working together. He allowed me to voice my concerns, express my thoughts about certain workouts, and always kept me motivated throughout each session. His kindness, support, knowledge, and dedication pushed me through each painful and tiring moment. Within the matter of a week, my time with him became the highlight of my day and it was the only thing I looked forward to. I began to see my body change, my energy level was through the roof and I felt like I was becoming a true athlete. The workouts were never easy, as Randy always pushed me to my limit, but it gave me confidence to know that he believed I could achieve it. He paid attention to my form, commented on my movements and posture, and took notes of all my reps/weights for each session. He maintained his professionalism consistently, never taking out his phone, looking around the gym or leaving me unattended. For those 50-minutes, I knew I had his undivided attention.

After two weeks of working together, Randy asked if I had changed my mind about personal trainers. At that point, I could easily say that not only had I changed my mind, but also I had started to look at them as my motivators and mentors in regards to building a healthy lifestyle.

During my training sessions, Randy invited other trainers to shadow along our routine. He educated other professionals on various weightlifting methods, client-trainer approaches, and key points on what made a session successful. I had the opportunity to speak with other trainers that were working with Randy. I found a common theme in my conversations: among his staff, Randy was seen as a motivating, supportive, and approachable fitness manager. Personal and Master Trainers mentioned how comfortable they felt asking him for help, guidance and new ideas. They enjoyed working with him and viewed him as their own mentor and fitness guru.
To date, my success with Randy has extended far beyond myself. He has affected my relationships with coworkers, family and friends. They have noticed my physical and mental changes, and are asking me about my latest workout, body fat loss or nutritional meal. The people in my life started looking to me for advice, of which I can only attribute my knowledge and strength to what Randy has done for me.

What began as an upward battle and fight against personal trainers has turned into a passion for a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook on the client-trainer relationship. My skepticism has faded away, my enthusiasm for fitness has grown, and my way of life has changed dramatically. I attribute each of these successes to Randy.

I would recommend Randy to anyone that is looking for a devoted, encouraging and experienced personal trainer. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him and I look forward to our continued fitness journey.


Monika Before


Monika After