Simon's Story

Submitted by: Alana Thomas

Simon 's Success Story

Simon's Story

I have been training with Alana since May 2010.

My personal health issues relate to an inverted sternum and poor posture, mainly due to my work factor of spent time in “a hunched over position” in front of a computer all day long.

During this time Alana and I have worked on areas such as posture, glutes, lats, ABS/Core work, strength work in general along with working towards various fitness goals or events that I wish to complete.

In the past few years working with Alana has allow me to compete the following events with results that I am happy with:

5 x 5km Fun Runs

4 x 10km Fun Runs

Full Season of Mini Triathlons (8 of) (200-300m Swim / 10km Bike / 2-3km run)

Full Season of Sprint Triathlons (7 of) 500-800m swim / 20km – 28km bike / 5km – 8 run)

First Half Marathon (Sub 2hrs)

First Olympic Distance Triathlon (Noosa Tri Sub 3 hrs)

Sub 25min 5km Run Time Trail

Various Cycling events from Ride for Home (75km Time Trial), Around the Bay (100km) and Cycling Cerebellums raising money Royal Kids Hospital Sydney (140km)

Various Open Water Swims from 600m – 1.4KM

Triathlon Season 2012/2013 Highlights:
Completed Second Olympic Distance Triathlon (Geelong) and sliced 10 minute off previous time

Completed a Sprint Triathlon 2 weeks later, again reducing my time from last year by 4 minutes

(Simon now takes only a day or less to recover from majority of events and he often feels he could do it all again! Simon will quite frequently send me an amusing message about going for a 40km ride only hours after a race and the following day I will receive a message stating "not sore" with a smile!)

I find Alana is very good in explaining the exercise and its purpose, along with creating programs for me which I follow in the gym and at home on my own time.

I can say with the strength work done with Alana targeting my glutes and pelvic area was the major contributing factor to these results.

Over the last 12 months I have been both injury and pain free. I have recommended her services to various members at the gym along with work colleagues



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