Significant improvements in athletic performance

Submitted by: Douglas Dienelt

Terry T.'s Success Story

Both my wife and I have worked with Doug Dienelt for about 10 years, both focusing on power lifting and kettlebell. My wife is a world class masters power lifter, and I am a master level martial artist. We both need to be smart about using our time efficiently as well as being safe in order to stay in the game. Both my wife and I have seen significant improvements in our athletic performance while under Doug's training. For example, I had a goal to bench 300 pounds by my 50th birthday. I missed that goal but just put up 315 just after my 51st. I had been stalled in my training, but after each of two of Doug's bench press seminars I improved technique enough to increase my bench by 20 pounds.

Most trainers, if you tell them, "I want you to help me get to a 300 pound
bench," would probably admit they couldn't help you. True strength coaches,ones that can train an athlete to the highest levels, are quite rare. Doug is one such individual. I am pleased to recommend Doug to anyone seeking strength training.