Sierra - Increased Strength & Balance

Submitted by: Beth Alexander

Sierra 's Success Story

First off Beth is AMAZING!!! I started taking Beth's classes at UCSB three years ago and I have tried to go to her classes even as I have moved around and now reside 20 minutes away from SB. What I love most about Beth is her knowledge about the body, movement and posture! Most fitness classes have no emphasis on correct posture or movement which can very harmful on your body and joints. Although in Beth's classes she is great because she focuses on not only getting a kick butt work out, but also being kind to your body and joints. When I started Beth's classes I was recovering from a badly sprained ankle injury and I swear her classes really helped to strengthen it and now it's all better! Also on a side note Beth's classes have the BEST music ever! Additionally Beth is such a sweet, kind and caring person she will help you out as much as you need! Do yourself a favor and take a class with Beth or do a personnal training session with her!