Sidni's Zumba story

Submitted by: Tamra Wheeler

's Success Story

ZUMBA...I don't remember when or where I'd first heard about it, but once I started...I was hooked. This was my first experience in an exercise class and had no idea what to expect. I only knew that my current fitness routine needed a change. I strategically placed myself in the back of the class so there would be no one behind me watching while I made an idiot out of myself. As I fumbled through each routine trying to keep up and learn the dance inspired moves I wondered if I'd ever get a hang of it, but class after class I did...thanks to an incredible,fun, knowledgeable instructor who makes working out feel like it's not working out! How many people can say they can laugh and smile while exercising?

I've found I'm feeling better physically, emotionally and more energized, not to mention the added benefit of losing some unwanted pounds along with meeting other amazing women who enjoy the classes as much as me. There's no pressure to perfect the routines and everyone exercises to their own ability and pace. No matter how bad of a day I have, I always look forward to going to class and cutting loose!