She will push you further

Submitted by: Kristin Bozic

Melissa Schultz's Success Story

"Kristin is a fabulous trainer. She is excellent at encouraging you to go just a little bit further and to push just a little harder then you think you can...and guess can. She just seems to know what your real limits are, not what you think your limits are. She is a trainer, motivator, inspiration, confidant, and most of all a friend. She really cares about helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. She is very well educated in the nutritional aspect of well being as well as the emotional and physical aspects. My only word of advice is watch out for her...she will increase your speed on the treadmill and push you till you are accomplishing your own personal goals that you never thought you would hit!!! I highly recommend her as a trainer and a wellness coach. She really cares about the people she trains and only wants to help them succeed. It is an honor to write this for her!!"