She "saved my health"

Submitted by: Kristin Bozic

John Bozic (father)'s Success Story

“I have been taking medication for both high blood pressure and elevated levels of cholesterol for about 5 years. While the medications have helped, and while I try to exercise about 20-30 minutes at least 3 days per week, my blood tests and pressure readouts have still bordered on the “possible risk” area every time I have my annual physical exam.

During my most recent exam last month, both I and my doctor were pleasantly surprised to see a significant improvement in my blood pressure and cholesterol readings. I really couldn’t point to any significant change in diet, exercise levels, medications, etc. which would account for the improvement, so I was ready to chalk it up to “good luck”.

Then I talked to my daughter, Kristin, who suggested perhaps another, more compelling reason for my improved physical condition. She reminded me that several months earlier, she had instructed me about the evils of the sugar substitute “Equal” (e.g. aspartame) which I had been using liberally for almost 20 years. Shortly after that “lesson”, I discontinued using Equal in favor of the new Stevia-based products or Agave syrup.

Okay“ I’m sold“ although I was skeptical while listening to Kris, I now believe that the absence of using aspartame is the reason for my improved health