She never gave up.

Submitted by: Amanda Sheldon

Vanessa's Success Story

Vanessa is 37 years old, she has three children and she works full time running her own company and produces uniforms for school in the Bahamas and Virgin Islands. She travels constantly, but is clearly a woman who has found a working wellness.
Vanessa’s journey is one I especially admire: She never gave up. Vanessa came to me for help on two separate occasions before I even opened my fitness studio. Both of those times she clearly wanted to change but she was still just wading by the shore. However, in June of 2007, Vanessa decided to take a dramatic turn in her wellness journey. This time she dove in head first, took off full speed, and never looked back. She lost 70 pounds in four months. Today she continues to train with me, between her travels, and continues to maintain her wellness and goal weight. (Over two and a half years to date.)


Vanessa Before


Vanessa After