She is a master at what workouts to do to get the maximum results.

Submitted by: Stephanie Averkamp

C.D.'s Success Story

"I was lucky to work with Stephanie, my own personal cheerleader and weight loss coach. My goal was to resurrect the healthy lifestyle I had lost. It really wasn't about diet. It was and is about my life and how to look at it in a different light. That's when Stephanie came into my life. She was a complete optimist and could always find a redemptive quality or two to motivate me again. Stephanie had a way of framing things in such an upbeat manner. She never made me feel shamed about a week on a feeding frenzy. Instead, she would point out how wonderful it was that I wanted to get back on track. She'd congratulate me on my desire and will to not give up and cheered me on when I lost weight and never lost faith when I gained weight. She is a master at what workouts to do to get the maximum results.

Every week we'd go over the plan. She always followed up on everything. At the end of my program, I was more fit, had a better attitude and did not feel shame-based when I had a bad week. Finally I felt the pride I had lost long ago. Stephanie taught me how valued I am and she even laughed at my jokes. If you are fortunate enough to work with her to help ignite your quest for a better life, go for it!! You won't be sorry. You will feel beautiful, both inside and out."