She Gives 100%

Submitted by: Mara Hoskin

Jolie's Success Story

"I'd heard of Mara before I actually met her...word had it she was a tough cookie! That she didn't take any mess from anyone and gave as good as she got! So when I saw her name on the L.A. Fitness Class schedule, I knew I had to take her class, just to see what all of the 'hoopla' was about with this instructor. When I saw her, I said to myself, "This cannot possibly be the instructor they are talking about." She was so sweet and tiny and didn't look like she could hurt a fly. Boy was I WRONG!!! Mara gave me the workout of my life! She worked every muscle in my body and I found some muscles that I didn't even know existed. I was so sore, I couldn't drive home...I had to sit in the car for a few minutes! For it hurt my abs, legs, arms and feet to press on the accelerator, brake in a continual motion and still turn the steering wheel simultaneously. Needless to say, the Mara Bug had bit me and until this day, I have never met anyone else like her. She gives OVER 100% each and every time to her classes and individual clients on a daily basis!! There is NO ONE better as an instructor, trainer, confidant, and friend as Mara! She is a GEM!"

Jolie H.
Houston, TX