She creates a unique workout every time!

Submitted by: Samantha Trainum

Mary's Success Story

I highly recommend Samantha Trainum as a personal trainer. I joined one of Samantha’s small group classes about 3 years ago. Samantha keeps her class size small, so that she can give you individualized attention. She creates a unique workout every time! I don’t know how she does it, but every session I have had with her has been different. We have focused on core conditioning, strength training, flexibility, toning and aerobic fitness.

Samantha is highly motivating as well. Before I started with Samantha, I “worked out” a few days a week by running a few slow miles on the treadmill. My fitness routine was fairly boring and routine. She encouraged me to start running. We started out slowly with her suggesting I enter a 10k race. At that time, I had only run 6 miles one time and that was with Sam! I never would have thought to run the race without her encouragement and support. That was two years ago. This past October, I completed my first marathon by running in the Marine Corp Marathon! In fact, she was so supportive, that she ran the last 6 miles with me.

One other aspect that I love is the food and nutrition tips that Samantha sends out periodically. She sends out a food and nutrition newsletter that is loaded with recipes, tips and information to improve overall diet and nutrition. Samantha really provides the total package with a great, motivating workout along with nutrition tips and encouragement. I can’t recommend her more highly!