Serious Shoulder Injury Successfully Restored to Functionality

Submitted by: Arlene Corcoran

Ashley's Success Story

A.S. is a mechanical engineer and a yoga instructor. She sustained severe injuries to her pectoral girdle, ribs, Sterno-clavicular joint in a near fatal car accident. She arrived at my studio a year later. Her shoulder and 4 ribs were dislocating regularly about once a week leaving her writhing in pain on the floor at times.
Within 2 weeks she had been able to reduce her pain medication by half. She had been told she would have to have surgery and likely limited range of motion for the rest of her life.

A year after beginning her work at The Belly Studio, she competed in a national yoga competition including head and hand stands. She is a disciplined student. She applied the techniques she learned here to the rest of her body work and her life. She has been self-managing her shoulder and ribs successfully for many months now.