Sept 2010 Success Story Haddonfield Personal Trainer

Submitted by: Kevin Hensel

Kevin's Success Story

“I lost 135 lbs.” 41 year old Kevin Kiene is our September 2010 Haddonfield Personal Trainer Success Story.

If Kevin looks familiar it’s because he was our April success story (Click here to see previous post). He’s down another 30 lbs since April.

I’d love to take all the credit for Kevin’s 135 lb weight loss, but he lost 70 lbs before he started with us. At Fit-4-Life he lost another 62 lbs, 12% Bodyfat, and over 30 inches (8 inches off his waist) and that is a huge accomplishment. I just had to make Kevin our September Success story in recognition of his 135 lb weight loss. He’s within 20-30 lbs of his goal weight.

We still torture Kevin 3x/week. He lives in Northeast Philly which is a testament to his dedication and persistence travelling all the way to Cherry Hill. I can’t lie we still have some issues getting his diet on track (old habits are hard to break) and he gets a little supplement happy but the constant nutritional counseling helps keep him on track.


Kevin Before