Seniors strength, flexibility, and balance: Lost and Found

Submitted by: Nicki Geigert

Ellie, Irene, Yvonne, Dr. Ged, John's Success Story

From Carlsbad, Ellie T. says, “I look forward to Nicki’s class because she introduces a variety of moves and things to work with, such as exercise balls, balance “circles”, stretch bands, agility ladders, and medicine balls. I have greater flexibility, and balance. I also have more energy, enthusiasm, and zest for life after taking Nicki’s classes”.

From Encinitas, Irene G., says, “Nicki is a marvelous and very informative trainer. The flexibility and stretching have helped me to strengthen as well as relieve pain in various parts of my body.”

From Encinitas, Yvonne R. says, “I have osteoporosis and with Doctor prescribed Fosamax, plus Nicki’s exercise classes, my bone density has increased and I feel GREAT!”

From Encinitas, Dr. Ged A. says, “I enjoy the balance exercises and stretching of muscles is significantly beneficial. Over-all the class benefits my physical fitness.”

From Carlsbad, John W. says, “When I miss a class, my body just doesn’t work the same. I appreciate Nicki’s genuine concern for each student”.