Seniors Love Pilates Exercise

Caridad Pita's Success Story

As we all grow older, everything takes just a little bit more effort, a little more time and requires a lot more grace. Most of our “parts” hurt, ache or are in constant need of attention, lotion or rubbing just to keep the blood flow. That’s the effort required. The grace kicks in when we grow comfortable with the person and body we have become and live in it fully. Caridad Pita, a Cuban-born, 69-year-old woman is one of those graceful, elegant souls that has grown comfortable in her own skin.

The mother of three sons, Cary works as a teacher’s aide with the North Bergen, NJ school system. Travels internationally to Europe and Latin America and enjoys Pilates regularly in the Movement Space. She has an active Facebook account and comfortably uses the internet to find what she wants when and where she wants it. In search of a place to practice Pilates movement, closer to home (she had previously been commuting into NYC) she found the Pilates4Fitness Movement Space through an internet search. We clicked instantly and have been working together for more than four months.

I love this woman’s energy. She always comes into the studio with a huge smile, kiss and a warm greeting. She always leaves the studio with the same uplifting spirit.

I push her on form, mechanics and functional use of the work in her life and it has taken hold in her body and her movements.

Like many other active seniors, Cary suffers with the normal wear and tear of the body; a few fused discs, a pinched nerve that necessitates a little more concentration and control with one side of her body. She is, however, never deterred in what she can do and always embraces the challenge of correction in the movement with the words, “I will try.”

In actuality, she does more than try. Cary gets it. She moves her body much more fluidly as a result of Pilates training and gives conscious attention to the “tough stuff” of each exercise and activity. Her goal is to find and achieve flexibility and length; thereby eliminating any tension, stiffness and shortened muscles.

She doesn’t expect miracles. She does appreciate the nuances of the work. So much so that she told her sons, “don’t get me anything for Mother’s Day, just give me my Pilates exercise.”

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Caridad Pita Before


Caridad Pita After