Senior Group Fitness Success

Submitted by: Megan Mccracken

Dolly's Success Story

We took our baby steps into exercise the first year with Megan McCracken. It was then called Enhanced Fitness. Megan mixed up our exercise with self-defense. Megan’s energy rubbed off on all of us. She made it a lot of fun, and when word got out about all the fun we were having, our class got so big we had to have two classes, three days a week, for an hour each. It took off lke a ball of fire, we looked forward to exercising. Each of us worked at our own level. “Love you Megan”.

Exercise not only improved our bodies, It also improved our lives. We don’t say ”CAN’T”, we know we can reach for any star. Our health has improved. Tracy, our unsung hero’s dream has become real. Megan’s teaching has brought us to a better place in our lives.


Dolly After