Senior Athlete

Submitted by: Emily Calabrese

Harvey Harry's Success Story

In the late 80's I fell off my garage roof over 12 feet. I broke my hip and femur and was told from doctors that my movement would be limited for the rest of my life.

That news made me feel defeated and I started make very unhealthy eating choices which led to my diagnose of type 2 diabetes.

It wasn't until July that I finally built my courage to step foot into the gym. I knew I needed guidance but I didn't know where to start. Emily came to my rescue and has made me feel like a new man.

When I started training with her in July I could not touch my toes, do a single push up or even lift 5 pounds. Today I am able to do cardio for 60 minutes (including ZUMBA and Cycle), 65 push-ups, squat over 120 pounds and bench press 135 lbs.

I feel that this training has given me a new out look on life and has helped me manage my weight and diabetes.


Harvey Harry After