Sedentary Chef turns Gym-Junkie

Submitted by: Emily Lorandeau

Norman's Success Story

I’m a 53 year old man, who hadn’t been to the gym since high school. Emily was my first trainer, and I am a very lucky man. She was patient, but rigorous, and weight began to fall off right away. My doctor took me off of my high blood pressure medication. Then the strength came, and in no time, the gym became part of my regular, every day routine. I’ve lost about 60 pounds, and as I sit here, it’s just ten minutes after I finished doing 30 push ups and 40 crunches. I routinely take the 12 flights of stairs to my apartment, run three miles the way I used to walk around the block, and just feel better than I did at 30. Without Emily, I don’t know what kind of shape I’d be in.


Norman Before


Norman After