Saved my liver

Submitted by: Ondrea Lynn

Theresa's Success Story

My gratitude to Ondrea extends well beyond the experience I am about to relay. However for a person who sometimes needs to have physical proof that eating properly and some exercise works, this is a true case study.

I met Ondrea at a time when my body was in jeopardy. Through a blood test called a liver function test, which tells you how your liver is ..well - - functioning, I was told that I was off the charts! My liver was in serious danger of dying. My AST was at 166 and my ALT was at 148. Normal range for AST is around 10-30 and normal range for ALT is around 6-40. I WAS ONLY 33 years old!!! How could this be happening??? Yeah, I am obese, but I felt fine. The blood work was saying something totally different. I was told by my doctor to see a liver specialist. The specialist did test after test and in conclusion found that my liver was not damaged by hepatitis or anything of that nature. I basically had a fatty liver from excess weight. I was told by the specialist that I should have bariatric surgery - which in my heart I knew was not the way to lose my weight. It would only mask the symptoms of why I was fat in the first place.

In any case, I thought that if I get a personal trainer, it would move me to go to the gym because someone is waiting for me. This is where my journey with Ondrea began. Ondrea became my personal trainer at a local gym and it motivated me to get to the gym because I didn't want to waste her time. Going to the gym did help me lose some weight, but looking back, it was the food I was eating that was the real problem. Ondrea knew it, but in her soft and wise way she didn't push the issue. She waited till I was ready.

You see, at the time, I was going to Weight Watchers and thought that if I can count points for the rest of my life I would be golden! However, I was still eating all the processed crap that was out there and barely losing any weight. I was proud that I wasn't eating frozen diners, but I was still eating items that contained processed sugars and PRESERVATIVES!!! I was eating the LITE and LOW CALORIE items that was allowed in my daily points, but the scale was barely moving. My body was telling me that the foods I am putting into it just couldn't be broken down- I just didn't want to listen. If you think about it, everything that you put in your mouth has to go through your liver for processing. When your liver is working to try to sort out what to do with that malodextrin (or whatever other concoction that came in whole wheat bread), it's working twice as hard as it should. At some point your body is going to start to tell you (if not through your liver, it could be through your skin or the color of your eyes or worse case scenario, your heart) that the alien chemical you ingested a few weeks ago should not be here, so it will start to shut down.

In talking with Ondrea, she gently laid the "food for thought" with me that yes, I should exercise to make my body strong, but most of my damage is coming from the foods I am eating and NOT eating. Well, was she ever RIGHT! The kind of food that I ate changed gradually with the help of Ondrea. She brought me back to basics - if it comes from the earth it's good for me. She customized her program to what my needs were at that time. We started to look up which foods would help my liver. I loved this concept because instead of focusing on foods that would keep the weight off, we were focusing on foods that make my body healthy and that my liver would love. In our second session she took me grocery shopping. It was an eye opener. I would pick up something and ask her if this was good for me. She would say, I don't know - is it? We looked at the ingredients and if there was something in there that I didn't know what it was or where it came from, I used my common sense. I thought I always used my common sense in life, but obviously when it came to food it must have went out the window! Actually it was probably that I was conditioned (by TV ads) that anything LITE or NO SUGAR ADDED was good for me. Week after week we met and made baby steps towards a healthier life.

Now, before I tell you the good news, let me preface it by telling you that the liver specialist said there is nothing more she can do for me because I had to lose weight to fix my liver and that I should go back to my primary doctor for follow-up care. Basically she gave up on me. So, off I went to my primary and the last thing she said to me was that I was being given one more chance to do this without medication or surgery. She sent me for another blood test so she had starting point numbers to refer to and would give me 3 months in order to lose significant weight so that the liver function test would come down. If the test comes back highly elevated she is seriously going to help me consider bariatric or lap band surgery. Well, by this time I was working on my food with Ondrea for about 3 months. I did the initial blood test and didn't think anything more about it. The next week I recieved in the mail a notice from my doctor that my blood work came back and that my iron, glucose, sodium, potassium, etc. all came back within normal range - which wasn't a surprise because they were fine before. But, I had to take a second glance at the notice because it said that my liver function test had dropped significantly!!!!! I didn't have to wait three months for good news!

I'm still not at a heathy range yet, but I have confidence that I can get there! I now know that food is 80% the reason I have excess weight and lack of exercise is only a small portion of the weight gain. I still go to Weight Watchers for extra support and to have a consistent scale to weight in on, but I don't count points anymore. I've lost 20 pounds so far. I still have a long way to go. I know more is to come off as my body realizes that I am not going to ask it to do extra processing. The thing about Ondrea's program is that it truly is a miracle program if you are ready for it. I think it was Maya Angelou that said " When the student is ready, the teacher will show up". I unfortunatly had to have a health scare in order to become ready. Hopefully my story will encourage you to make a change with Ondrea before surgery or medication is your only answer. I wish you a healthy life and I know that only success can come to you when Ondrea is on your side.