Sathiya P.

Submitted by: Trainer Tim

Sathiya's Success Story

I went in for a biometrics screening on Thursday, October 03, 2013, the result came up with high cholesterol. The results further indicated my ratio was 10 (2 = OK, 5 = High), needless to say mine was super high or critical. I wasn't surprised because since 2010 I have had high cholesterol. One thing bothered me this time, my HDL. It went down to 20. Since 2010 I tried many things from dieting to running on and off which wasn’t actually helping to reduce my cholesterol. So this time I had to take some serious action to reduce my cholesterol. I had two choices either starting medication to lower my cholesterol or trying to improve my overall health and fitness though a coordinated diet and exercise regimen.

I chose the second option. How? How could improve HDL? How could I be healthier? Those questions made me to join McAfee Fitness Center. I met my trainer, Tim, and he explained my situation in greater detail and we established a program that would help me get on track to reaching my goal. I chose Tim as my personal trainer and quickly began personal training with him. Tim was really helpful in addressing my issues and concerns along the way. Also I began attending Tim’s classes whenever I got a chance to go. Soon after beginning training I started noticing results and a difference in my lifestyle. Before training I was a night owl and now I go to bed around 9:00 PM and consistently get very good sleep. Additionally I started to lose weight; I reduced almost 6 LBs in two months and got in much better shape.

After two months, I went to blood work on Wednesday, December 11, 2013. I was really surprised, below are my test result. HDL went up double, Cholesterol & Triglyceride came down. Thankfully I am no longer a candidate for any medication to control my cholesterol, since I have restored all areas back to normal levels.
Component Standard Range Your Value
Cholesterol <=239 mg/dL 228
Triglyceride <=199 mg/dL 173
HDL >=40 mg/dL 39
LDL <=129 mg/dL 154

I plan to continue to with my program and use the tools and strategies that Tim has provided me with and expect to see continued improvements both physically and medically. Whether you have high cholesterol are overweight or want to build a muscle, I would recommend Tim to be your trainer at the McAfee Fitness Center he will definitely help you achieve your goals.

(Both photos are after photos)


Sathiya Before


Sathiya After