Sarah's Story

Submitted by: Marci Robinson

Sarah Jackson's Success Story

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. It has been a roller coaster of ups and downs! After the birth of my son in 2006, I was left at my heaviest weight ever, weighing 236 lbs. I had terrible heartburn and was bordering on Type II Diabetes. I tried my hardest on my own to lose the weight and I was able to get down to 200 lbs but I just couldn't seem to get below that with my full time job and new baby at home.
In November of 2008, I decided enough was enough and I joined the gym. I began working with a trainer and was able to break through my plateau, finally! I was about 175 lbs when my trainer moved away. I had come so far so I knew I had to keep training. I began working with Marci and not only did I reach my goals, I surpassed them! I am the fittest I have ever been in my entire life! The diet, tools and training I have received have changed my life and prolonged it. I no longer have to take medication for health issues and I am flexible, fit and strong!
-Sarah Jackson

Starting Weight: 200
Starting Body Fat%: 45%
Abdomen: 39
Hips: 44.5

Current Weight: 123
Current Body Fat%: 23.08%
Abdomen: 30
Hips: 35.5

Total Pounds Lost: 77
Total Body Fat% Lost: 21.92%
Total Inches Lost: 37.5

*Stats are from the time Sarah began personal training.


Sarah Jackson Before


Sarah Jackson After