Sarah's Story

Submitted by: Jennifer Lynch

Sarah's Success Story

I’ve always been pretty active. Walking, hiking, running: I like to keep moving. I had always done my workouts hidden away on isolated trails or the treadmill at the empty gym at work. I combed through my monthly fitness magazines and dutifully cut out workout plans and sweated through pilate DVDs and home. What it all had in common was solo activities. Just the idea of doing something in a group setting was intimidating and thoroughly unappealing. Why would I ever want to do something where I was sweaty and people would see me? Or worse, how embarrassing would it be if I didn’t do something right? But for the first time, I started to notice getting a little softer around the middle than I ever had before. Worst of all, I felt my life was in a rut. I was uninspired and burnt out. I signed up for a 6-week bootcamp package at Game Changer Fitness, just to kick myself into gear. I figured I could do anything 12 times and maybe I’d learn something that I could do on my own.

But something amazing happened. Sure, I lost some weight and dropped a pants size. But I’m more amazed and pleased with the changes not readily visible and that were completely unexpected. I couldn’t wait to go to class, even though I used lighter weights than others and did half of the exercises backwards. I couldn’t wait to join the out-of-gym activities even if they cut into my weekend sleeping-in time. I’d spent 30 years of my life retreating to the shadows to not be seen, and now I’ve spent the last year out of my comfort zone and doing things I always looked on in envy as others did them.

It wasn’t just “working out” that did this. Game Changer Fitness did this. The community of people have changed me and have helped me reach physical potential I sort of, kind of wanted, but never really, actually strived for. I developed a sense of accountability to my classmates and instructors, and, most importantly, myself that keeps me focused and coming back. Game Changer Fitness has made me realize that I can, and deserve to, take 1 hour every few days to take care of myself and get stronger and healthier. And I am stronger and healthier. I’m more confident, more comfortable in my own skin, and happier. For all of that, I am forever grateful.


Sarah Before


Sarah After