Submitted by: Larissa Steinruck

's Success Story

I’m seventy years old and last year I noticed a great loss of stability. I was falling two or three times a week. Once I tripped over my own two feet in the garage, fell on my face and ended up with a broken brow bone, black eye and hand and knee abrasions. I also fell several blocks from my home while walking my dog. I again ended up with a sprained wrist and knee scrapes and bruises. I could lose my balance and fall anywhere. My body was already covered in bruises.

My daughter-in-law and son were concerned and gave me a trial membership to the club. I didn’t really want to go but it was paid off so I went! I decided to use the gift for a trainer to work on my problem. Larissa, you have been wonderful! You knew my problem was a weak core and immediately began to build back my core muscles. I felt so much better and after my paid for training sessions were complete, I decided I could continue on my own. But I soon found I was never getting around to it! I went back to Larissa after telling myself I owed it to my children and grandchildren to keep myself as strong and independent as possible! The cost of a personal is nothing compared to living with a broken hip or other injuries the rest of my life!

I feel wonderful and will continue with Larissa until she is so old she will need a trainer for both of us! I’m back to enjoying playing on the floor (I couldn’t get up or down) with my grandchildren. We again love to go exploring the nature paths looking for creatures and having picnics. I love to take walks in the woods enjoying the sounds of nature.

Thanks again, Larissa! You know just how hard to work me and have done a great job!! My kids thank you too.