Submitted by: Deborah Condon

's Success Story

I met Debi just over a year ago after going through a separation from my fiancé and had too decided that enough was enough. I was a 27 year old female, who thought she was losing everything, size 18 and topped the scale around 230 pounds. Debi had posted a Craigslist ad about a Boot Camp that she instructs through her organization, Evolution Fitness. Although nervous and scared, from the very first day - I was hooked!

Since meeting Debi, she has both pushed and inspired me to lose over 75 pounds, 21.3% body fat, 22+ total inches, and down to a size 8. However, her guidance and motivation was not limited to what I could see in a mirror.

From early on, it was clear she was far more than a trainer or a boot camp instructor. I was experiencing so many changes in my life and all at once, I felt as if I was coming apart at the seams. She kept me focused on putting my feelings into a workout rather than by locking myself up and continuing my pattern of slowly eating myself to death. When I was falling apart, she would help to pick me back up and come to her Boot Camp class in Waterford to focus my negative emotions.

I have transformed before everyone’s eyes in mind and body and none of this would have been possible without the support of Debi. Never in my life have I had the confidence that I do, been physically as small or as fit as I am now (and will continue to drop) and had the drive and motivation to continue to “commit to fit”. I even completed my goal of running my first 5K with Debi and Evolution Fitness at the Freihoffer’s Run for Women on June 4, 2011. My close family and friends are shocked by the changes both physically and emotionally. They all thought that when my fiancé and I had separated after his infidelity after a six-year relationship, that I was going to fall apart. Clearly, nothing could have been farther from the truth and I owe most of it to Debi. Family and friends can’t believe how I look – and more so, the confidence and self-esteem that has come hand in hand.