Sabina Ryan's Testimonial

Submitted by: Travis Leavitt

Sabina's Success Story

I could not be more grateful for the patience, dedication, and hard work that Travis has demonstrated to me . I’ve always loved physical activity but somewhere within the last few years I lost that passion and gained a few bad habits. I lost touch with what I loved. I knew I had to change myself physically and mentally but unfortunately doing it on my own was seemingly ineffective. Since I have been working with Travis I’ve honestly never been happier with myself. I use to be too timid to even use a machine in the gym or lift any weights, fearing I’d make a fool of myself, so I only stuck to cardio because I knew I couldn’t mess that up. I began working with Travis 11 weeks ago. For for the first time I know what I’m doing and I have Travis to thank for that. The workout plans are amazing. Inches are dropping and my body is becoming more toned and firm. In those 11 weeks I have lost 15 inches. Each week my strength increases and I can see more and more definition throughout my body. I’m currently 19 lbs. away from my goal. The most rewarding part of my journey is measuring my weekly progress. It motivates me to keep striving and dedicate myself. Travis has given me the resources that I need through The site has given me information that is essential to my success. I know, that no matter where I am in my life I can reflect on Travis’ s coaching. I can be healthy and have fun doing it. Plain and simple. Travis has given and taught me the tools that I need to make and keep this my lifestyle.