Running Without Knee Pain/Swelling

Submitted by: Jon Lempke

Sarah's Success Story

I met Jon Lempke a year ago while working out at the Val Vista Lakes Clubhouse. Since then, he has given me advice and has always made it a point to check up on me. About two weeks ago, Jon noticed I was limping while doing my daily run on the treadmill. He asked what was wrong and I proceeded to tell him about the knee problem I have been having for the last two years.
When I participated in a weight class in high school, I had began to feel pains and see inflammation in my left knee whenever I did squats or lunges. When my track season started, I also felt the pain and experienced the swelling after my runs. Unfortunately, the doctors and specialists I had gone to had all told me that I was simply working out too much and that I needed to take a break.
However, after three weeks rest and limited work outs I was still having the same problem. I had begun to think that it was something I was just going to have to live with. When I told Jon about all of this, he took me to a stretching mat and asked if he could stretch me. I obliged and he went to work on my leg.
After a few minutes, he told me to run and see how I felt. It was amazing! I was no longer in pain at all. Since that time, I have stretched in the particular ways he showed me every day and I have not experienced pain or swelling at all. Jon Lemke helped me very much and I am truly grateful. Sincerely,
Sarah Femenia 10/18/08