Submitted by: Meghan Kennihan

Karyn Drost's Success Story

I am happy that I met Meghan and she was able to make my training plan as specific to me as anybody could ever hope to do. When I got off track (which happened 3 times) she redid my plan and sent it back to me so fast I was amazed! She was awesome at letting me know I had to put ME first if I wanted to make my goal. I loved that! She is very inspiring, very motivating, very knowledgeable, and very approachable! All of the traits that I feel are very desirable when looking for a running coach! Meghan helped me immensely,she was able to keep me as close to being on track as I let her and I am happy to say I feel ready to run my race! I wish I had had more time to strength-train with her, she is amazing at that aspect of the training plan! I would highly recommend Meghan to anyone who is the least bit interested in improving their running!